Why do you need a Leather Sewing Machine?

Leather products look absolutely amazing but it seems they are difficult to create! It is frustrating when your needle breaks with the thick and resistant leather material…forget about attempting anything complicated. This is why a heavy duty leather sewing machine is crucial and I want to find one! I love sewing fabric but I am ready for something new. I love looking through all the diy blogs. I especially like all the fashion blogs. Can you believe what these amazing crafters can make? Wow! So, I am now ready to make some really awesome leather products (check out this purse…love!), so I am going to put my big girl pants on and start learning as much as I can about sewing with leather! I figured I had better research it before I just start buying things! Yes, I get ahead of myself when I see all these amazing leather bags or jackets that have been made by these bloggers! I started out asking my favorite go to…wikipedia…for any information on the best leather sewing machine. Unfortunately there wasn’t much information. It looks like I am going to have to do some serious searching before I purchase anything.

I feel there are quite a few options out there for a leather sewing machine. You can have anything from a heavy duty “normal” machine that can sit in your craft room up to a super expensive industrial machine. From what I have read, it seems that the heavy duty “normal” machines (if you use leather sewing needles) can sew up to an approximate leather thickness of 3/16”. I figure they would work for smaller projects like bags or purses. I assume they would be able to successfully sew thin or faux leather. If I wanted a canvas sewing machine or a denim sewing machine, I assume these “normal” machines would work. I’m sure if you were doing crazy amounts of leather sewing, you would need a professional machine that can handle the heavy usage. They can handle the thick threads and give a longer stitch length. That would be awesome to have one, but I am pretty sure they will be out of my price range!

I need to find out what I should expect to pay for a heavy duty sewing machine that can sew leather. I read somewhere that it would be between $250 and $500 for a machine with high enough quality. If so, that would be awesome because that would definitely be in my price range! Now, I can’t get my hopes up too high yet. I’ve been typing things in on amazon to start reading reviews, but I get overwhelmed!

So, wish me luck as I start on this new crafting journey. I will try and document everything that I learn as I am searching for my big purchase – the best leather sewing machine! I’m very excited and a bit nervous! I did find a good forum that I need to start pouring through and see what wisdom I can gain from all the leather workers! I will post again soon with the next information that I find!





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